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Stupendous Entertainment Art Studios

Welcome to Stupendous Entertainment Art Studios. Home of Stupendous Man™. Keep up to date with the comics and the novels we publish.

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New Arrivals

The cover for Full Metal Exosuits, The Crimson Dragon. Featured on the cover is the protagonist Jaygo Yen Kale, sporting a red jacket. On his right is his former best friend turned worst enemy, Lynn Forsigth. On his left is his lieutenant and Aide Tyrn Ridner.

Step into the boots of Shado Senshi, the new leader of the Leviathan Company, as she is thrust into leadership amidst a remnants of a world war. In a world where battlefields are riddled with high-tech exosuits and complex alliances, "Full Metal Exosuits: Shado's Sacrifice" grapples with themes of power, unity, and vengeance.

Watch as Shado transitions from grappling with her new role to being a catalyst of change for her team, the Leviathan Company. Stakes rise when they are ambushed in a battle, a shocking event that tests Shado's leadership and shapes her fierce resolve. Feel the tension within the team as she decides to face her past nemesis, Lynn. As the story unfolds, you'll question what leadership truly means and how hatred can both blind and drive a person to their limits. In the face of despair, witness the unity of the Leviathan Company as they strive to save their critically injured teammate, Ai, each member playing a crucial role. Watch Shado's seething hatred for Lynn reach new heights, transforming her leadership style and pushing the company into unchartered territories.

"Full Metal Exosuits: Shado's Sacrifice" is more than a tale of world-wide conflict; it is a deep dive into the complexities of leadership, the bonds forged in adversity, and the unyielding spirit of revenge. Join Shado and her company on this thrilling journey as they suit up for the ultimate battle.

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