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Our Team

Editing your Books Professionally and Quickly


Joey Fredrickson

Editor in Chief

Recent graduate of Brigham Young University. Joey studied under Brandon Sanderson for creative writing. He has edited many books, including line editing, proofreading, manuscript edits, chapter analysis, and plot cohesiveness. He is also the author and artist of the Stupendous Man series, and his novel, Full Metal Exosuit - The Crimson Dragon is set to come out in July


Rachel Gordon

Senior Editor

Rachel graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho in a BA in Music and a BA in Education. She has been teaching for 19 years and has written several books. She loves her son Joshua and is passionate about teaching the Cello.


Alexina Lowood


Alexina is a writer who focuses on romance, specifically fantasy romance and fantasy science fiction. Her books Solar and Repeat Romance are set to come out late 2023.

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