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USA Today Bestseller Cortney Pearson

USA Today Best Selling Author: Cortney Pearson

"Holy cow, Joey is so talented. I love working with him because I know he will do a thorough job at catching typos, grammatical errors, correcting word choice and making my sentences more concise. He really knows his stuff and I'm 100% pleased with how this proofread turned out! I'll definitely be working with him again in the future."

New Prequel Novella

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Catelyn Meadows

USA Today Best Selling Author: Catelyn Meadows

Joseph has wonderful insight and he's extremely knowledgeable about grammar. He was also really helpful in suggesting stronger words I could use or ways to tighten sentences and make things flow better. I'm extremely pleased with this proofread and will definitely work with him in the future!

Books Worked On

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