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Get a signed edition of Full Metal Exosuits - The Crimson Dragon. Only for $19.99!
In a world where magic and mechanized suits of armor known as Full Metal Exosuits (FMEs) exist, war rages on between two powerful nations, the Iratian Empire and the Corvan Alliance. At the center of this conflict is Jaygo Yen Kale, the captain of the special forces group known as The Leviathan Company. His sole purpose in life is to seek revenge against Lynn Forsigth, his former best friend turned leading general of the Corvan Alliance who killed Jaygo's family.

As the war intensifies and both sides utilize the power of Ti, a form of magic that can strengthen objects and project energy, Jaygo finds himself caught in a web of betrayal and deceit. With the help of his partner and lieutenant, Tyrn Ridner, Jaygo must overcome his hatred and embrace his role as a leader in order to turn the tide of the war. Full Metal Exosuits: The Crimson Dragon is a thrilling military science fiction novel that combines elements of magic, mecha, and intense action-packed battles.

If you're a fan of mecha anime and manga, or military science fiction with a touch of magic, then this book is sure to satisfy your craving for epic battles, complex characters, and heart-pumping action.

Full Metal Exosuits - The Crimson Dragon

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