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Synopsis or Whatever

Joey Kasaras is not an average 18-year-old. Cursed with Stupendous powers that can only be described as broken and ridiculous, he must embark on a new mission, to save his girlfriend Angela from the clutches of an evil island located off of the coast of Japan. This is an island where nefarious masterminds, super powers, thugs with black belts, and giant monsters seem to be the norm. Armed only with his wits (or lack of them), he'll stop at nothing to save her. This is the story of how he rescued his girlfriend from the island of Obamashu (小浜朱), also known as the Super City.

Common Sense Doesn't Exist Here

In this parody of western and eastern comics, join Joey in the middle of his story (because duh, where else would you start?) as he tries to save Angela and gets lost on the way. Because even if you have Stupendous powers, that doesn't mean you make Stupendous decisions.

Watch as he recklessly explores the streets of 
Super City, because a government official calls a giant monster attack—that apparently happened last year—an earthquake. Laugh as you realize that he could have flown to the island instead of taking a plane. Mock as he wanders around for four hours without finding where to go in a city that's smaller than a tourist trap. Wonder in horror as he casually takes down muggers who are obviously are looking for a way off of this nightmare of an island. Finally, realize that he left the US while not only as a police witness of a kidnapping, but also their primary suspect.

And learn the wisest super-hero quote of all time. "With Stupendous powers comes Stupendous blunders."

Super City: Arrival (Issue 1)

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