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In this issue of Stupendous Man™, our titular hero, Joey, faces a new dilemma. As Obamashu (the minister of international affairs for the island of Obamashu) revealed in the previous issue, he knows Joey's alter ego, and Joey is sure that the sinister and conniving minister has a trap set for him. The address Obamashu has left for Stupendous Man™ is either a fake, or a trap. To prevent from falling into such a folly, our hero decides to take a different tactic and decides to wait before rescuing Angela. In this game of human chess, one move is all it takes between victory and death. Along the way, familiar faces appear, highlighting past events. What does it take to transform a warrior into a thug? What does it mean to truly be a fighter? Will the story ever progress forward? Or will Stupendous Man™ always be stuck in the past, trying to overcome both the metaphorical and literal monsters in his life.

Super City: This Guy (Again!) (Issue 3)

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